Pregnancy & Yoga

Being 35 weeks pregnant, it’s become really fucking hard to find my namaste. Everything hurts, I feel heavy, emotional and the lack of sleep has well and truly set in. I’ve had a pretty easy pregnancy (side effect wise) up until this point, I haven’t really been to any classes or groups, however one thing I have stuck to is my weekly prenatal yoga class.

Prior to falling pregnant I had tried yoga before mainly Bikram but I am far from a flexible “yogi”. A fellow pregnant friend of mine in Dubai swore by going to yoga throughout her pregnancy and found it really helped with her back pain. I had a little look online and found my local yoga centre ‘Wellbeing Yoga’ based in Brentwood, they host a wide selection of yoga classes and every Wednesday they hold prenatal yoga.



I attended my first class at around 22 weeks pregnant and I loved it. As cliché as it sounds it gives me a full hour where I can leave all the stress, upset and over thinking at the door. I’m sure online you could read pages and pages of different benefits of taking part in prenatal yoga but here are a few benefits I’ve personally experienced:

  • Breathing – my instructor really focuses on breathing, and demonstrating the different techniques you can try to help relax as well as use when those dreadful contractions kick in.
  • Meet – I have very few friends left in Essex and even less that are pregnant or have children, so I really enjoy meeting new women that are at all different stages of the pregnancy and listening to all their different journeys.
  • Stretch – as any of my fellow preggos know everything gets tighter and heavier, so it’s great to focus of different muscle groups and stretch everything out (amazing for leg cramp too!)
  • Connect – it gives me a full hour to connect with my little lady with no disturbances, to focus purely on her and visualize what she’ll be like when she’s here.

So, whether you’re looking for time to relax, physical benefits or just a place to meet other mums to-be I highly recommend trying a class! x






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