Mum’s Know best…with Janet Scarborough

Janet Scarborough is a 30 something, expat living in Dubai with her husband Scott and their gorgeous 5 month old baby boy Leonidas Henry Scarborough.


Over to our guest mummy Janet to tell us her experiences from finding out she was pregnant to meeting little Leo for the first time…

What were your first thoughts when you found out you were pregnant? Too be honest I wasn’t shocked, I knew it. Where I found out was more of a shock, there’s nothing quite like peeing on a stick in a not so ‘luxury’ restroom in South Africa after being on a week Safari through the bush.


Did you have a good pregnancy? Others would say yes, I would say no. However my hair was luminous and I stopped biting my nails!

What was the hardest part about pregnancy? I just generally hated everyone, the beginning and the very end was the hardest part for me, the bathroom breaks 10 times a night and the restlessness…OMG! I was an absolute nightmare.


What was it like when you first saw leo? Indescribable. I had a C-section with Leo so I was a little out of it from the epidural but I just wept while cut open on the table looking at this tiny person I had made, it was magical.

What’s it like being a mum in Dubai? It’s hard. You’re on your own here, with no family base and limited support, but I did find the expat mom community here in Dubai very helpful, and surprisingly supportive of one another.

What’s the hardest thing about being a mum? Self doubt & trying not to take what others say too heart.


What’s the best part about being a mum? When I wake leo up in the morning and he gives me this huge smile like “Where have you been all my life” it’s the best feeling in the World!

Top 5 baby must-haves? Sleepy head, 4-moms mommaroo, muslin blanket & wine!

What advice would you give to other mums? To be supportive of one another even though you may not agree. Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs in the world and I feel as though women are hard on other women. There is no right or wrong when it comes to parenting just do what you feel is best for your family and always trust you motherly instincts!




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