Mum’s Know Best with…Lyndsey Carphin

This week we’re talking to the gorgeous Lyndsey Carphin from the Newcastle (a Geordie without the accent!), who has been living in Dubai for the past 4 years, and working as a retail manager as long as she can remember from Handbags, Diamonds and now cosmetics! In just a few weeks Lyndsey is going to a mummy and we talked to her all about being pregnant in Dubai and preparing for her new arrival…
What were your initial thoughts when you found out you were pregnant?
Complete excitement and a little shocked as the baby will come before our first wedding anniversary! I wrapped up the pregnancy test for my husband coming home from work and he thought I was gifting him a pen! 
How have you find being pregnant in Dubai? 
Having a March baby I have managed to escape the extra weight in the summer heat so no complaints here! The biggest challenge is the Dubai social aspect, weekends revolve around celebrations, getting together with friends and activities! Pregnancy has certainly changed the dynamic- although great preparation for motherhood!


How have you found working while being pregnant? 
I have worked throughout my pregnancy, attended the occasional (less than I can count on one hand) yoga class and had amazing support from my colleagues. My doctor is wonderful, I am planning a water birth at Al Zahra.
Have you had a good pregnancy?
I have to count my lucky stars, the pregnancy has been great albeit wanting to fall asleep on my laptop at midday on occasion. We don’t now the gender so that has tested my patience but contributes to the excitement!
What has been your favourite part about being pregnant? 
My bump!!
What is your biggest worry/fear about becoming a parent? 
Hoping that I have a healthy, happy baby!
How will you be spending your finally weeks before becoming a mummy?
I am working up to the birth-  I am 1million miles per hour and love being organized so getting the house ready, meal prepping for my family and hitting the spa! 
IMG_2939Would you have any advice for mums-to-be I’m Dubai?  
Join the mummy groups. I have met some new mum’s expecting at the same time as me which has been great in sharing experiences and I look forward to coffee’s with the little one’s in a a matter of weeks!

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